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A flurry of vibrant lines scattered in a circular arena

"It's a top down sort of twin stick shooter that has a lot of physics about it - you're just going to have to watch... there's a lot more to it than we thought when we played the first round"
"Let's replay, we'll have one more go of that... I'm gonna win this"

Doodle Brains

A collage of various doodle brains

"Delicious humor *and* science!"
"[It] really connected different areas in a comprehensible way. I bookmarked it for whenever I want to give a layman an indication of the relation between complexity and creative coding."

Data Visualizations

"In the biggest crossover event of the century, Tom Lum ... charted the number of views for every reference in Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire. Yes."

Fun and Prophets

3 friends stare into a crystal ball

The Video Game Prediction Podcast
"I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in games and random predictions passed down by inanimate objects"

Mechanical Feelings

A close up shot of a phone with a dating app on it

"Mechanical Feelings draws you in with its clever use of interface and its mocking vision of the year 2016, but if you pay attention to the small details, there's a surprising amount of depth and narrative that can be discovered throughout its short playtime"

Nothing Something Anything Everything

It's music.

beComing Home

Two siblings floating in the air

Winner of "Best Use Of Theme", and nominated for "Best Overall" at NYU's Global Game Jam.

Lone Survivor/Wacky Painter

A lone canvas on a monochrome hill with a flock of crows flying beyond

"That was, that was magnificent... Although I'm a little terrified right now tonight"
-Lawrence Omega


A preposterous mess of people in business suits wearing space helemets while money and viscera fly everywhere
"And it was perfect, because, like I said, I used to play games likes this all the time when I was a kid, and it, ahh, it just reminded me of when I was a kid, like, ahhh, I cannot recommend this game enough... aw I'm so in love with it, oh what was the name of the person who made it. Tommy Lum? T- something like that?"
Placed 6th overall at the 35th Ludum Dare, "Shapeshifting".